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Haus PCB by Mechlovin Group Buy

Haus PCB by Mechlovin Group Buy

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Kay65. Rev 1, Haus Edition. Once again designed by Mechlovin, this PCB is totally compatible with Haus and has some handy new features. Firstly, a light up blocker area (compatible with polycarbonate blocker inserts) allows the Haus logo to be backlit by the PCB. Secondly, a selection of spare diodes (marked "Spare parts") are made available on the PCB for the user to self-repair if ever needed. Finally, based on feedback from Haus users, the USB port has been recessed by 1mm to allow for an even more flush fit with the back of the keyboard.

Sale Information

Group buy is live until April 30, 2022. Products estimated to ship Q3 2022.

Layout Compatibility

Compatible with Hand Engineering Haus.

Care Instructions

Do not bend. Store flat. Keep dry. Keep out of reach of small children. Desoldering components or exposure to high temperatures may cause loss of function.

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